The Voice of Business. On the US$ 19 trillion European Economy

The Most Important People Talk to The Voice of Business

Chairman European Investment Fund, Vice-President, European Investment Bank.

On the role EIF and EIB in fostering economic growth in Europe. “We are by far the largest multinational lender in the world” .


1st web Business News Channel in English from Italy and Europe

David H. Thorne | Ambassador

David H. Thorne. On the reason why it was a ,mistake to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and some perspectives on what might happen next. David, former US Ambassador to Italy, was Senior Advisor to Secretary of State, Senator John F. Kerry,...

Stuart Zimmer | Zimmer Partners CEO

Stuart Zimmer. On investing in Italy and how the current political rhetoric damages Italy's opportunity to attract capital. Stuart Zimmer manages a US$25 billion fund. He is based in New York and has investments in Italy.   #thevoiceofbusiness 1st web...

Ferdinando Pozzani | TEON CEO

Ferdinando Pozzani. TEON develops, manufactures and sells innovative climate-friendly solutions for heating and cooling large volumes. "TEON's state of the art technological solutions are the result of Italy based R&D" says its Chief Executive Officer....

Salvo Arena | Chiomenti US Managing Partner

Salvo Arena. "Over the past 16 months, more than US$1 billion US investments flew into Italian industrial, consumer and manufacturing ...." says Chiomenti US Managing Partner. #thevoiceofbusiness 1st web channel in English from Italy and...

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