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Baker Foundation Professor, Paul Whiton Cherington Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus.


On the President: “Trump does not understand what he is doing”. On China: ” … we should be running a trade deficit with China, it produces most things cheaper than we do”. And on China’s “cheating”.


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Didier Pineau Valencienne | DPV

Didier Pineau Valencienne. DPV. President Macron: “If we [Europeans] don’t wake up… we will disappear geopolitically". DPV's, the iconic French thought-leader, disenchanted view on President Macron's performance, pragmatism on a possible European...

Giuseppe Castagna | CEO Banco BPM

Chief Executive Officer Banco BPM. A €4.2 billion, €1.5 bn operating profit bank, serving one of the richest European regions, Lombardy, "It reduced NPE by €21 billion in less than 3 years, the whole banking system by €180 billion". And more on Europe.  ...

Stuart Zimmer | Zimmer Partners CEO

Zimmer Partners Chief Executive Officer. "ENEL was a successful investment ... we saw an under-utilized balance sheet, a very strong management team", however "We have seen a lot of political rhetoric in Italy, damaging the country's ability to attract...

Giulio Ranzo | AVIO CEO

AVIO Chief Executive Officer. AVIO €440 million space rocket manufacturer, grew 15%/year over the last 5 years, 6% net profit. "US and China are investing in big space programs ... China's budget grows 30%/year ... we are a European player", says its Chief...

Luca Passa | ENDESA CFO

ENDESA Chief Financial Officer. ENDESA a track record of continuous positive financial results. "Dividend yield above 6%, the highest in the utility sector ... C.A.G.R. EBITDA 5 to 5.5% up to 2021 | €4 bn EBITDA target | €1.8 bn Net Income target", says...

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