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A leading Energy Transition Player, a financial performer  | Total Shareholder Return +40% since 2017, +688% since 2004 | On Terna’s domestic and European role and its positioning in New York within the Council on Foreign Relations.


1st web Business News Channel in English from Italy and Europe

Jeffrey Hedberg | CEO Wind Tre

Jeffrey Hedberg. A perspective on 5G and the opportunity for innovation, growth and sustainability. #thevoiceofbusiness 1st web channel in English from Italy and...

Marcello Foa| RAI President

RAI President. On the European Journal Observatory, how the media world and academia interact to understand the new way of communicating. #thevoiceofbusiness 1st web Business News Channel in English from Italy and Europe...

Paolo Scaroni | A.C. Milan President

A.C. Milan President | Rothschild Deputy Chairman. An educated and knowledgeable perspective on the role of Europe and Italy (or lack there of) in Libya and a plausible end game to the current crisis. #thevoiceofbusiness 1st web Business News Channel in...

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