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J.P. Morgan, Chairman of the Corporate & Investment Bank, EMEA.
On Europe and what needs to be done to compete vs USA and China.
1st web Business News Channel in English from Italy and Europe

Didier Pineau Valencienne | DPV

Didier Pineau Valencienne. DPV. President Macron: “If we [Europeans] don’t wake up… we will disappear geopolitically". DPV's, the iconic French thought-leader, disenchanted view on President Macron's performance, pragmatism on a possible European...

Giuseppe Castagna | CEO Banco BPM

Chief Executive Officer Banco BPM. A €4.2 billion, €1.5 bn operating profit bank, serving one of the richest European regions, Lombardy, "It reduced NPE by €21 billion in less than 3 years, the whole banking system by €180 billion". And more on Europe.  ...

Stuart Zimmer | Zimmer Partners CEO

Zimmer Partners Chief Executive Officer. "ENEL was a successful investment ... we saw an under-utilized balance sheet, a very strong management team", however "We have seen a lot of political rhetoric in Italy, damaging the country's ability to attract...

Giulio Ranzo | AVIO CEO

AVIO Chief Executive Officer. AVIO €440 million space rocket manufacturer, grew 15%/year over the last 5 years, 6% net profit. "US and China are investing in big space programs ... China's budget grows 30%/year ... we are a European player", says its Chief...

Luca Passa | ENDESA CFO

ENDESA Chief Financial Officer. ENDESA a track record of continuous positive financial results. "Dividend yield above 6%, the highest in the utility sector ... C.A.G.R. EBITDA 5 to 5.5% up to 2021 | €4 bn EBITDA target | €1.8 bn Net Income target", says...

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